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DeMMAK is organised according to the systems of governance available within the tribal.society. It is a confederation of clans and tribes according to reciprocal and mutual benefits of the relations.

DeMMAK is organised exactly like the United Nations, European Union or the canton system of Switzerland where each clan stands and operates under full and autonomous democratic system.

DeMMAK has clan or tribal elders who are independently stand representing their clans, territories and tribes as tribal leaders. They speak on their own behalf of their communities. 

The clan or tribal elders are the top leaders. Beyond them is God. In practice they are actually the lowest level of servants in the community. They will contribute, and sacrifice whatever they have, even their own lives for the common good.

These clan/ tribal elders appoint one or some coordinators for serving modern organisations’ purpose and dealing with foreign interference. DeMMAK already elected the Secretary-General of DeMMAK and coordinators who are still active in the field right now. Any position within DeMMAK can last for lifetime. It can also be replaced by a different person in a  minute or so. There is no time limit for a person to be coordinators, the Secretary-General, or spokesperson, just the same as the Clan/ Tribal Elders.

The Secretary-General of DeMMAK from 2000 – this day is Hon Benny Wenda, currently the Executive President of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

by Initiator and Founder, Mr. Wimagan Wiwa Wewo (www.)

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