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To Know DeMMAK is to know Melanesia….

Koteka Tribal Assembly (DeMMAK – Dewan Musyawarah Masyarakat Adat Koteka) is an Assembly of the Koteka tribes across the highlands of Western New Guinea namely: Lani, Mee, Yali. Nduga, Walak, Hubla, Nggem, Moni, Dammal, Kimyal, Amungme, Kamoro, Wano, …

DeMMAK is not an organisation, but it is a mouthpiece that exposes, displays and explains the already existing organisations within the communities across the Highlands o West Papua.

DeMMAK is established in order to explain who we are as collective people to the foreign world and people coming into our lives, our villages, who tend to undermine and destroy our existing organisations, systems, values, beliefs and way of living, way of organising, way of surviving….

DeMMAK was established in 2000, inspired by Sem Karoba, coordinated by Timmy Nggirik, accompanied by Apison Karoba, Simson Yikwa, Benny Wenda and Michael Atkins.

DeMMAK’s establishment at Jalan Post Tujuh Sentani, Kabupaten Jayapura and then followed by meetings at Kompleks Yapis, Jayapura Town was then involved other youths like Menase Tabuni, Jordan Tabuni, Balo Wenda, Abumbakarak Wenda, Ipius Ndongga, and Budi Kogoya.

Later on, many other tribal elders joined and declared their allegiance with Demmak by Barnabas Mandatjan (Manokwari), Maximur Air (Sorong) and elders from Amungme, Kamoro, Sawi, Muyu, Marind and many others.

DeMMAK was establshed in April 2000, 1 month leading to the Papuan Peoples’ Congress II, 2000, held towards the end of May – early June 2000.

The only goal of DeMMAK is to ensure that our tribal system, values, norms and models of leadership are not sacrificed by modernization process.

DeMMAK is obliged to explain to the world that our “Wantok System‘ that has been applied since time immemorial is already perfect and therefore must become the system that operate in West Papua, whether within Indonesia or within a free and independent West Papua.

DeMMAK has no chairperson, because each clan or tribal elder is the chairpoerson. DeMMAK has Coordinators and Secretary-General that coordinates activities of all elders and speaks to the public and global community on their behalf.

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